AVG Licensing Model

Licence Duration

AVG supports Licences defined by a set period of time. The standard licence duration is 2 years, as opposed to the typical 1 year offered by many other security vendors. Of course, AVG also has 1 year licences available.

During the valid licence period, AVG customers receive:

  • all virus and spyware database updates
  • all program updates released during the licence period
  • technical support via e-mail
  • Free local telephone support

Find out more about your licence duration in the Licence component of your AVG product's AVG User Interface.

Licence Registration

It is highly recommended that you register your AVG Licence Number. Registration is quick and easy and offers many benefits. Register with your AVG Authorised Reseller or Register Online. Note that customers purchasing AVG through the AVG Online Store are automatically registered at the time of their purchase. Only registered customers are able to:

  • receive discounted renewals of their AVG licences
  • add licences for additional computers
  • receive the AVG Virus Alert newsletter
  • receive help with restoring their licences if they are lost, etc.

Sales Number

Some customers may have received a "Sales Number" with their purchase of AVG. Sales Numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of installation and must be registered in order to receive the corresponding Licence Number with the full licence duration.
Register your Sales Number online.

Trial Licence

Trial Licence Numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of installation.

Both Sales and Trial Numbers support the full functionality of AVG! After installing AVG with a Sales or Trial Number, it is not necessary to re-install when you receive your full Licence Number — simply use the "re-activate" button in the "Help" menu in the AVG User Interface to enter your Licence Number.

Licence Expiration

AVG Home Security products will continue to function, but will not be updated, after the licence expiration date. This means that effective, up-to-date protection ceases on the date of expiration.

AVG Business & Enterprise Security products will continue to operate normally, including updates, for 10 days following the licence expiration date. During this time, a pop-up window will notify you of the expiration each time the machine boots up. Licences are renewed from the expiry date, so there is no benefit for business users to delay their renewal.