AVG Security Toolbar

AVG's Security Toolbar is powered by LinkScanner technology which lets you know whether the sites you are about to visit are safe.

But that's not all. The AVG Security Toolbar also offers:

  • Easy access to the latest news so that you are always kept informed
  • Immediate notification whenever a new email arrives to most webmail accounts including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail
  • Easier search options so that you can instantly access Wikipedia, Yahoo! Images, Yahoo! Video, Yahoo! local, and Yahoo! Shopping
  • Shortcuts to Microsoft Windows applications such as Calculator, Media Player, Paint, and Windows Explorer to help ease your workload

Unique protection technology

AVG's unique Surf-Shield and Search-Shield features are invaluable parts of the AVG Security Toolbar. Their powerful LinkScanner® technologies analyze websites before you visit them and identify which links are safe and which lead to problems such as:

A piece of malware that takes advantage of a vulnerability in a software application, to infect a PC. Exploits usually target a PC by means of a drive-by download - where the user has no idea that a download has even taken place. The AVG Security Toolbar can alert you to these types of threats BEFORE you go to the actual site!

Phishing pages falsely represent themselves as coming from a bank or other trusted institution to fool unsuspecting visitors into providing personally unique information. This information is used by cybercriminals to steal identity, finances or for other malicious reasons. Protecting you from phishing scams is part of the AVG Security Toolbar!

These pages attempt to trick you into doing something you would not otherwise do. You might, for example, be asked to install a plug-in in order to watch a video, when in reality you are installing spyware. The AVG Security Toolbar will alert you when you come across one of these pages, so you can avoid them.

The AVG Security Toolbar provides you with easy access to manage your AVG Search-Shield and AVG Active Surf-Shield protections without having to open the AVG control center. The AVG Security Toolbar also allows a direct search through Yahoo! where the LinkScanner® technology will flag any dangerous or questionable sites, safe sites will show on Yahoo! as usual.

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