AVG LinkScanner®

Only AVG LinkScanner® technology stops web threats in real-time

As the nature of threats evolve, so must the nature of protection. As we move from an age of adolescent computer virus writers to an age of highly organised criminals devising ways to steal your identity, credit card information or banking details — all for financial gain, it is more important than ever to stop these things before they happen. Today, all you have to do is open a web site or click on a web link to become infected or compromised.

The AVG LinkScanner® technology ensures your safety while you surf the net, download music, documents and pictures, send emails or instant message by scanning documents, files, web pages and web links before you open them. Unlike other security products, our unique software stops the threat before it reaches your hard drive and becomes a problem.

A look at AVG LinkScanner® technology

  • Safe Surf
    LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield scans each and every web page to try to access to ensure they are safe.
  • Safe Link Scan
    Every web link you come across, whether in e-mails, documents or instant messages, no matter the source, when you click on the link AVG LinkScanner® scans the web page to ensure you are protected 100% of the time.
  • Safe Favorites & Bookmark Scan
    AVG LinkScanner® scans your favourite and bookmarked web sites when you click on them to ensure they are safe.
  • Safe URL Scan
    If you type your favorite web page address (URL) into your browser, AVG LinkScanner® will scan the contents of the web page before you open it to ensure it is safe.
  • Safe Download Scan
    AVG will scan all new applications you want to install as well as all Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other documents and music, videos and pictures to ensure they are safe before you download them.
  • Safety Ratings
    Site specific safety details are displayed by simply hovering over the safety icons.

AVG LinkScanner® safe surf protection is included in most AVG 2014 products, plus is available as a standalone product for free.

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