Restores your PC to top speed

A powerful speed boost for your PC

Remember how fast your PC used to run when you got it? Not only can we help get it back there, but you can also enjoy Turbo Mode to release that extra bit of power when you need it for browsing, gaming and videos.

Turbo Mode
One click turns off over 70 unnecessary processes, releasing power for faster browsing, gaming and videos.
Program Deactivator
Deactivates programs you never use to stop them draining processor speed without uninstalling them.
Startup Optimiser
Jump starts your PC by identifying and recommending which unnecessary start up programs and services to switch off.
Startup Manager
Identifies and rates all startup programs, so you can tell at a glance which are essential and which are just slowing you down.
Drive Defrag
Reorganises the files on your hard drive to reduce boot times.
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Keeps your PC at peak performance

Automatic optimisation and maintenance for your PC

Getting fast is all well and good, but not if it only does it once. We continually work in the background to help your PC always run at top speed.

Improved Live Optimisation
Works silently in the background, constantly prioritising all the applications and processes that are running to increase loading speed and PC performance.
Improved Automatic Cleaning Updates
Regular, automatic updates give you the latest ways to clean your computer. Updates will both clean more programs and improve cleaning techniques.
Automatic Start-Stop Mode
Allows any programs that you have deactivated with Program Deactivator to be reactivated in a single click. When you have finished using them, they are automatically deactivated again, minimising the drain on your processor power.
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A Smoother running PC

It's a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand. We'll help find and fix the gaps and errors that cause your PC problems and clean up as we go.

Disk Doctor
Crashes, hardware defects and power blackouts can lead to file system problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doctor helps prevent this problem by thoroughly checking files and fixing issues.
Registry Defrag
Just like a hard drive, your registry ends up full of gaps as it grows and changes. Registry Defrag reorganises your registry to speed performance and to remove problems accessing the database.
Improved Registry Cleaner
Helps stop system crashes and start up issues by deleting or repairing the redundant, orphaned or broken keys, pointers and entries that are cluttering your registry.
Improved Shortcut Cleaner
Helps you maintain a clean, uncluttered desktop by removing 'dead' shortcuts and empty folders on your desktop and start menu.
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Extends your battery life

Reduced power consumption when you need it most

We've all been there. You're just getting to the end of that all-important document and your battery dies. Now you can stop your battery wasting power on things you don't need so it can last longer.

New Flight Mode
Save even more battery and comply with airline safety regulations by switching off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® with a single click.
Economy Mode
Significantly prolongs battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, switching off unnecessary background processes and reducing the power consumed by internal and external devices.
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Frees up valuable disk space

Powerful tools to de-clutter and clean your PC

We've all got too much clutter on our PC. Half the time we don't know what it is, if it's important and or how to delete it. We'll analyse your PC for all that junk and show you how to get rid of it in a few simple clicks. Result? One faster PC and more space for you. You get:

New Duplicate Finder
Searches your hard drive and lets you delete any files which are identical, even if they have different filenames.
New Windows 8.1 App Cleaner
Cleans up hidden junk from the Windows Store and Windows 8 & 8.1 Apps, freeing up disk space and helping to fix app errors.
New Disk Cleaner
Frees disk space and speeds your PC by removing temporary files that clog your hard drive. Disk Cleaner can also clean iTunes® and Photoshop CS6.
New Browser Cleaner
Cleans old or broken data from your browser to free up disk space and help stop browser crashes. Works with over 25 of the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome™ and Opera™
Disk Space Explorer
Analyses internal and external hard drives, finds the 100 largest files that are taking up disk space and lets you delete them.
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Leaves no trace of your most important files

Essential protection to keep private files safe

Hitting the delete button doesn't always give you that complete peace of mind. Hitting the Shredder button will.

Normal deletion doesn't always remove all the data. Shredder frees space and deletes data securely; using processes that guarantee it can never be accessed by someone else.
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Gives you complete performance - automatically

Your continual performance fix

It's always good when there's one thing less to remember. We continually monitor your PC and let you know the status. And we even run routine maintenance when you're away from your PC so it doesn't get in the way.

Automatic Maintenance
Automatically performs routine maintenance when you're not using your PC, including defragmenting your hard drive and registry, mending broken files, removing broken shortcuts and more.
One Click Maintenance
Saves time by performing dozens of tune up steps simultaneously, without getting in your way.
Optimisation status
Continuously monitors your PC's health to provide an up-to-date checklist of performance boosting steps. The easiest way to keep track of your tune-up status.
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Fine tune your computer for even more performance

Advanced performance settings you can customise

If you're a bit of an expert, then don't worry. There's a whole range of tools you can use to fine tune things - just how you want them.

Repair Wizard
Performs up to 200 checks and displays recommendations ready for you to action manually or automatically
Uninstall Manager
Identifies programs that are rarely or never used and helps you remove them quickly and easily, freeing disk space and speeding startup.
Prevents data loss by restoring previously deleted files - even after you've emptied your Recycle Bin.
Process manager
Allows you to see all the processes running on your PC, so you can easily identify and eliminate resource hungry processes.
Rescue Centre
A single, easy-to-use interface to help you revert back to your previous settings.
Registry Editor
With an easy-to-use search function, Registry Editor makes editing permissions simple and fool proof
Makes it quick and easy to personalise your PC. Mix and match from thousands of fresh new designs to give Windows® a look that's unique to you.

Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.
Improved User Interface
We've improved the User Interface to make it easier to understand and use. Now the key optimisation steps stand out much more than before, so it's easier to make improvements.
Improved Settings Centre
Takes the hassle out of optimisation by bringing all your most important settings together in one easy-to-use window. We've improved our Settings Centre to make it easier to spot key optimisation steps.
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Makes optimisation easier

Straightforward recommendations you can fix

A lot of us wouldn't know where to start to make our PCs work even better. We take that problem away by making straightforward recommendations and showing how to do them in a few simple clicks.

Performance Report
Delivers easy to follow, personalised recommendations for increased PC performance.
Program Ratings
Automatically identifies which resource intensive programs are worthwhile and which are not using a simple star rating system. Also includes user community recommendations to help you make informed performance boosting decisions.
System Info
Tracks down vulnerabilities and errors to help you unlock your PC's full potential. Isolate and neutralise memory, CPU and network intensive processes with just a few clicks for optimum performance.
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