The same threats that are a problem for PCs — viruses, malware, and identity theft — are also threats to your tablet.

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android™ Tablets not only keeps your tablet and private data safe from viruses and malware, it optimises its performance and also helps you retrieve it if it's ever lost or stolen.

It is easy to use and works on all versions of Android™ OS 2.3 and above.

Find and protect your tablet if lost or stolen

Locate your tablet, display an onscreen message to improve its chances of being returned, and keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it.

Tablet Locator
Tablet Locator helps you locate your tablet quickly via Google Maps by having it send its location via GPS, which can be activated remotely from You can also enable the SHOUT function which maximises the volume of your ring tone and also allows you to create a loud tone, even if your phone is on silent, to help locate it with ease.
Tablet Locker
Tablet Locker makes it possible to keep outside parties from accessing your personal information by allowing you to lock your phone remotely via SMS or from controls managed from . You can also create a customised lock screen message with your contact details to facilitate the safe return of your device.
Remote Wipe
Remote Wipe helps preserve your privacy should your tablet be lost or stolen by enabling you to wipe all contacts, photos, and calendars, as well as your browsing history and SD Card.
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Keep your most precious, most personal device safe

Email, download music, video, and apps, and surf the web confidently, wherever you are, knowing youre always kept safe.

App Scanner
App Scanner scans apps to ensure that no malware or other hazardous infections are able to infect your device. It also allows the possibility to run manual scans or schedule them automatically on a daily or weekly basis.
File Scanner
File Scanner scans your tablet for viruses and removes them with a simple click. It keeps you protected when using your favorite apps and ensures your contacts, bookmarks, music and videos are kept safe. It also allows the possibility to run manual scans or schedule them automatically on a daily or weekly basis.
Settings Scanner
Settings Scanner enables you to optimise your security settings in order to protect your tablet to the fullest.
Safe web surfing
Safe web surfing actively checks web pages in real-time, at the only time it matters - before you land on that page. If it detects something suspicious, it prevents you from visiting the site. Safe web surfing protects you both when you click a link to a web page and every time you enter a web address directly into your browser.
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Preserve your privacy (Only in Pro)

Protect your apps from prying eyes by locking and securing them individually.

App Locker
App Locker protects your privacy by enabling you to lock your apps, thereby securing them from being accessed by other people using your tablet.
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Backup your apps (Only in Pro)

Make sure you never lose your valuable apps.

App Backup
App Backup helps you back up all your apps to your SD Card so you never get caught without your favorite games, utilities or feeds.
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Conserve resources and eliminate slowdowns

Monitor battery life, RAM usage, and storage space while saving time and extending your tablets resources by managing tasks and applications.

Tablet Tuneup (Only in Pro)
Tablet Tuneup monitors battery life, RAM usage, and storage space to help you ensure your tablet is performing to its best. It will advise you and help you to make changes to applications and settings which are using excess battery life and consuming large amounts of memory, giving you the option to shut them down.
Task Killer
Task Killer enables you to eliminate tasks that slow you down or cause your tablet to freeze, freeing up both memory and resources.
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Free support (Only in Pro)

Our expert help is available to all our PRO users no matter the time or place.

Expert help
Our expert technical support staff is available to help you solve any problems that might arise.
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